The Environmental Control Committee (ECC) has the authority and responsibility for approving all improvements made on homeowners Lots. The ECC is chartered with maintaining a harmonious balance between the Association’s architectural integrity and the needs of owners. An assessment of impact on properties adjoining or affected by proposed Lot improvements is a significant consideration in the ECC approval process. All improvements must be reviewed and approved by the ECC prior to being implemented.

Some examples of items that require ECC approval are as follows:

  • Design of new homes
  • Alterations to the exterior of existing homes (includes color)
  • Other construction that affects the exterior surfaces of a home
  • Alterations to Lots (e.g., landscaping, retaining walls, AC units, additional structures)
  • The ECC encourages all members to review the Architectural Guidelines and Standards before planning any Lot improvements.

Contact: Angela Clark

Members should use the Project Approval Form to submit plans to Angela Clark through the Manager via email at or by calling 512-451-3884.